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Fire Calculator

Fire (Compulsary) Sum Insured
Plant and Machinery
Business Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings
Removal of Debris
Total {{ formdata.suminsured.building + formdata.suminsured.plant + + formdata.suminsured.debris + formdata.suminsured.stock + formdata.suminsured.others | number}}
Special Perils Select Peril
Aircraft Damage {{ aircraftperil }}
Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption {{earthperil}}
Storm, Tempest {{stormperil}}
Flood* (Note: Subject to no claim for the past 2 years) {{floodperil}}
Explosion {{explosionperil}}
Impact Damage {{impactperil}}
Bursting / Overflowing of Water Tanks or Pipes {{burstperil}}
Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage {{riotperil}}
Damage by Falling Trees or Branches {{treesperil}}
Sprinkler Leakage - Building {{spriklerbuildperil}}
Sprinkler Leakage - Building (Deletion of Exclusion (d) and/or (e)) {{spriklerbuilddeleteperil}}
Sprinkler Leakage - Contents {{spriklercontentsperil}}
Sprinkler Leakage - Contents (Deletion of Exclusion (d) and/or (e)) {{spriklercontentsdeleteperil}}
Bush / Lalang Fire {{bushperil}}
Electrical Installations - Clause (B) {{electricalperil}}
Subsidence and Landslip - Standard Cover {{landslipperil}}
Subsidence and Landslip - Deletion of Exclusion (a) {{landslipperila}}
Spontaneous Combustion {{combusionperil}}
Cold Storage / Incubator - Clause (B) {{coldstoreperil}}
Total {{totperils | number : 6}}
Less FEA Discount
Internal Appliances
Hose Reels
Dry Riser
Wet Riser
Auto Alarm
Total {{internal}}
External Appliances
Mobile Power Pumps
Total {{external}}
Private Fire Team
External Drenchers
Auto Sprinklers
Total (all) {{totfea}}
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Age of Building

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