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eSaver – the online savings plan you can get in a few clicks


eSaver is a 5-year non-participating endowment plan with 4 years of premium payment term. This plan provides Death Benefit, Guaranteed Cash Endowment and Guaranteed Maturity Benefit.

Key benefits explained
  • Guaranteed Cash Endowment

    Enjoy annual cash payment that increases every 2 years, up to a total of 20% of annual premium!

  • Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

    Enjoy 105% of total premium paid at the end of 5th policy year, in addition to the Guaranteed Cash Endowment.

  • Death Benefit

    Enjoy death coverage up to 108% of total premium paid.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance

    Start saving with eSaver without going through any medical check-ups or medical questionnaires.

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Important Product Details
Underwritten by AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad