Medical card coverage up to RM3.5 million

AXA’s most powerful medical card is built to last you a lifetime

Medic Assure Series - Medical Insurance

You never again have to worry about medical costs. With an amazingly high yearly coverage that renews every year combined with comprehensive hospitalisation benefits, the Medic Assure Series will ensure that you enjoy total peace of mind all the way into your golden years.

Key benefits explained
  • Medical cover of up to RM3,500,000 every year. No lifetime limit.

    Take heart in a high Annual Limit that is renewed every year, regardless of how much you may have claimed in the previous year. This ensures that you enjoy continuous and uninterrupted access to medical care without having to worry about rising and unexpected medical expenses.

  • Comprehensive medical care up to age 100*

    Full access to comprehensive medical care, especially when you need it most. It’s protection that you can count on all the days of your life.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

  • Enjoy a discount of up to 20% on insurance charges

    That’s right! If you stay healthy and do not make a claim for at least 2 consecutive years, you will qualify for a no claims bonus of up to 20% on insurance charges.

  • No partial payment of your medical bills

    Your medical plan will provide full coverage fo your medical bills, as long as you stay within your eligible room and board limit.

  • High room and board daily amount – up to RM600

    Enjoy the comfort of being able to recover peacefully in a private room of your own when hospitalised.

  • Accidental death payout up to RM500,000

    If you were to pass away in an accident, your loved ones will receive a payment of up to RM500,000.

  • Cashless hospital admission

    Our medical card provides cashless admission facility to a wide selection of private hospitals, ensuring that you have quick access to medical care.

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What we do not cover?

1. Pre-existing illness.
2. Specified Illnesses as stated below occurring during the first one hundred and twenty (120) days of continuous cover:
a. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease;
b. All tumours, cancers, cysts, nodules, polyps, stones of the urinary system and biliary system;
c. All ear, nose (including sinuses) and throat conditions;
d. Hernias, haemorrhoids, fistulae, hydrocele, varicocele;
e. Endometriosis including disease of the reproduction system;
f. Vertebro-spinal disorders (including disc) and knee conditions.
3. Any medical or physical conditions arising within the first thirty (30) days following the supplement effective date or any reinstatement date of this rider, whichever is later, except for accidental injuries.

For the full list of exclusions, kindly refer to the product brochure, available for download below.

Important Product Details
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