International Health Plan

Access to the best medical treatments overseas is now easier and hassle-free


You want the best medical treatment for you and your loved ones. Sometimes, this may require seeking treatments in overseas facilities. International Exclusive provides you with high medical coverage and access to treatment anywhere in the world.

Key benefits explained
  • Cashless access to the best medical treatment from hospitals worldwide

    Get fast and convenient treatment overseas when you need it with our medical card

  • Covers pre-existing & chronic illnesses

    Our plan provides you coverage for some pre-existing conditions after a waiting period. Contact us to find out more on this special coverage.

  • Up to RM9,000,000 coverage a year

    High annual limit of up to RM9,000,000, up to age 80

  • No lifetime limit

    Your annual coverage limit stays the same regardless of your previous claims

  • Worldwide out-patient treatment

    Including general practitioner and specialist consultations, prescribed drugs, dressings, necessary diagnostic tests, and vaccinations.

  • Emergency medical evacuation

    Unlimited cover for emergency transportation and medical care to the nearest hospital

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What we do not cover

1. Hospitalization primarily for investigating purposes
2. Investigations and treatment of infertility or impotence
3. Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and any medical condition which arises in any way from HIV infection
4. Treatment caused by self-inflicted injury or an attempt at suicide
5. Treatment of injuries sustained from professional sports or dangerous activities such as cliff diving, mountaineering and so on

For the full list of Benefits and Exclusions, kindly refer to our Policy Wording, available for download below.

Important product details
Underwritten by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad