A standalone medical plan that supports you and your family during these trying times

AXA Medic Essential - your essential medical protection

AXA Medic Essential

There may be times people are challenged by uncertainties over their health and financial issues. Thus, it is always essential to have extra protection to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. In view of all the unpredictable events, we are here to provide you with a medical plan that is packed with essential health protection benefits at an affordable premium.

AXA Medic Essential is a standalone medical plan to support you and your family during these trying times. Besides the medical coverage of in-patient and out-patient treatments, this plan also comes with death coverage and financial support upon medical quarantine for you and your family. It is guaranteed renewable up to age 81 with NO LIFETIME LIMIT to fulfill your family and your lifelong medical protection needs.

AXA Medic Essential is a medical plan that you and your family must have for your peace of mind.

Key benefits explained
  • Essential Medical Coverage

    This plan provides you medical coverage up to age 81, with a full range of essential medical coverage such as daycare surgical procedure, in-patient and out-patient medical treatment, including out-patient kidney dialysis and cancer treatment.

  • Financial Support in the event of Medical Quarantine

    Daily allowance will be payable if you are hospitalised in a government hospital. In addition, we will pay double the daily allowance if you suffer from any disease that requires you to be admitted in an isolation ward of a government hospital to help support your living expenses and other necessities. This coverage is a must-have in the current situation of pandemic threats.

  • Death Coverage

    We care for your family hence we provide death coverage up to RM5,000 for funeral expenses to lighten the burden of your family. For death due to accident, Dengue Fever, Zika or during hospitalisation in an isolation ward, there is additional payout of up to RM40,000.

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What we do not cover?

1. Pre-existing illnesses. 

2. Specified illnesses occurring within the waiting period. 

3. Any disabilities, medical or physical conditions and its signs and symptoms occurring within the 
waiting period, except for injuries due to accident. 

For the full list of exclusions, kindly refer to the product brochure, available for download below.

AXA Medic Essential - Important Product Details
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