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AXA eMedic

You are at the prime of your health, but are you fully prepared for this adventure called Life? Don't worry - we have your back! Introducing AXA eMedic, a standalone online medical card that ensures you have affordable and easily accessible protection against rising costs of medical fees.

AXA eMedic is available for those aged 15 days to 49, with an annual limit of up to RM100,000, renewable up to age 80. AXA eMedic is the ideal plan for you if you are looking for your first medical card or for supplementary medical protection for your existing plan.

Key benefits explained
  • Simple online application

    Apply online by answering a few simple questions – no medical check-ups required.

  • Unlimited days on room and board

    Enjoy flexibility with no limitation on days for room and board accommodation, with a daily room limit of RM250 and the option of a double-bedded room in most hospitals.

  • Affordable premium

    Ample protection with premiums as low as RM37 a month for an annual limit of RM100,000.

  • Lower Premium

    Enjoy more savings if you choose to pay your premium annually or if you choose the deductible option.

  • Cashless admission at panel hospitals

    Get quick access to medical care by just presenting your online medical card for hospital admission.

  • No lifetime limit

    There will be no reduction in your coverage eligibility up until age 80.

Interested in this product?
What we do not cover?
  1. General Practitioner clinic visits
  2. Self-inflicted injuries
  3. Pre-existing illnesses

For the full list of exclusions, kindly refer to our Product Disclosure Sheet, available for download below.

This product is not for you if...

You are at age 50 and above.
We have other medical protection products which are more suited to you. Do check them out or WhatsApp us!

Important Product Details
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