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No matter what stage of life you are in, it is always important to safeguard yourself and your loved ones, to stay financially secure should unforeseen circumstances happen to you. 

Introducing Secure Shield, a specially designed insurance plan that assures guaranteed protection coverage at a guaranteed premium. You do not have to worry about the uncertainty over future inflation that may inflate your premium. We assure you that your premium remains the same throughout the policy duration!

Aside from death coverage due to all causes, Secure Shield provides double protection in the event of accidental death. Furthermore, it offers special benefits like no other - additional coverage for Death due to Vaccination Side Effects and Death during Hospitalisation in Isolation Ward.

Not only do we focus on protection against major mishaps in life, Secure Shield also protects you against the little hiccups such as hospitalisation due to accident, by providing you with daily allowance to support your daily living expenses, so you can focus on your recovery.

Sign up for Secure Shield now! Enjoy hassle-free enrolment, without the need of going through medical check-up.

Key benefits explained
  • Hassle-free enrolment with no medical underwriting

    You can get protection with Secure Shield regardless of your health condition with simple and easy enrolment process, without going through medical check-ups and medical questionnaires.

  • Death coverage

    Your family will receive the Death Benefit in the event an unfortunate event happens to you:

    Policy year 1 and 2:
    -        In the event of the Insured’s death due to non-accidental causes, the amount payable shall be 100% of total premium paid.
    -        In the event of the Insured’s death due to an accident, the amount payable shall be the highest of:

    i)      Basic Sum Insured;
    ii)     100% of total premium paid; or
    iii)    Guaranteed Cash Value.

    Policy year 3 onwards:
    -        In the event of the Insured’s death, the amount payable shall be the highest of:

    i)     Basic Sum Insured;
    ii)    100% of total premium paid; or
    iii)   Guaranteed Cash Value.

  • Additional Death coverage

    The following benefit will be payable in addition to the Death Benefit:
    -        Accidental Death Benefit¹: 200% of Basic Sum Insured
    -        Death due to Vaccination Side Effects²: 20% of Basic Sum Insured
    -        Death Happens during Hospitalisation in Isolation Ward³: 20% of Basic Sum Insured

    ¹Accident must occur prior to age 75, and subject to RM1,000,000 per life.

    ²Death due to side effects or complications arising from the vaccination of communicable diseases requiring quarantine by law. The side effects or complications must arise within 30 days from date of vaccination.

    ³If death occurs during hospitalisation in isolation ward, the confinement in the isolation ward must be a mandatory quarantine required by law or prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

  • Daily Allowance for Hospitalisation due to Accident

    Providing RM50 daily allowance if you are hospitalised due to an accident⁴, up to 30 days per policy year or until the termination of your policy, whichever is earlier.

    ⁴Accident must occur prior to age 75, and upon admission into a hospital as an in-patient for a minimum period of 6 continuous hours and within 24 hours from the date of the accident.

  • Maturity Benefit

    Celebrating the maturity of your policy at age 80, 80% of the total premium paid will be payable⁵. 

    ⁵Provided that the policy is still in force, the insured is alive at the Maturity Date, and all premiums are paid up to date

  • Guaranteed Premium

    With Secure Shield, not only can you enjoy the guaranteed benefits, we also assure you that your premium maintains the same throughout the policy term.

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What we do not cover?

a.     Death due to suicide while sane or insane within 12 months from the issue date or any date of reinstatement, whichever is later.

b.     Accidental Death Benefit or Daily Hospital Income Benefit due to Accident if the injury or loss of the Insured resulting from:
i.     any self-inflicted injury or suicide, while sane or insane;
ii.     disease or infection of any kind (unless the bacterial infections occur in connection with or as a consequence of accidental bodily injury);
iii.     taking poison, drugs not prescribed by Medical Practitioner, alcohol, sedatives, or inhaling gas (except from hazard incidental to occupation);
iv.     the attempt or commission of assault or any unlawful act by the Insured;
v.     service in the armed forces in time of declared or undeclared war or while under orders for warlike operations or making an arrest as an officer of the law;
vi.     participation in any airborne activities other than as a fare-paying passenger on a public licensed air service;
vii.     pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any of their consequences;
viii.    pre-existing physical or mental defect or infirmity;
ix.     any act due to strike, riot and civil commotion;
x.     any pre-existing or recurring, injury, disease, illness or disablement which the Insured suffered prior to issue date or any date of reinstatement of this Policy, whichever is later; or
xi.     participation in hazardous activities like boxing, skiing, wrestling, diving, mountaineering, rappelling, river rafting, rapid shooting, any form of racing other than on foot, or any speed or endurance contest.

For the full list of exclusions, kindly refer to our brochure, available for download below.

Important Product Details
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