Complete Medical Plan For Protection Against Rising Medical Costs

Get comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones against escalating medical costs, so you can focus on a healthy recovery!

SmartCare Optimum Plus

A truly all-in-one medical plan that protects you and your family against rising medical costs. Choose from 3 affordable plans designed to fit different lifestyle needs!

Key benefits explained
  • High medical coverage

    Up to RM2,100,000 annual limit and RM500 Room & Board

  • Annual limit is reset every year

    Enjoy coverage up to your full annual limit every year, even if you have made claims in the past

  • Outpatient kidney dialysis & cancer treatment

    Get fully reimbursed for these treatments up to your full annual limit every year

  • Post-hospitalisation care & physiotherapy up to 90 days

    Full reimbursement up to your annual limit to ensure full recovery

  • Comprehensive protection up to age 100

    Sign up now and enjoy comprehensive medical coverage until your golden years

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What we do not cover

1. Hospitalization primarily for investigatory purpose
2. Investigations and treatment of infertility or impotence
3. Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and any medical condition which arises in any way from HIV infection
4. Treatment which is caused by self-inflicted injury or an attempt at suicide
5. Treatment of injuries sustained from professional sports or dangerous activities such as cliff diving, mountaineering and so on.

For the full list of Benefits and Exclusions, kindly refer to our Policy Wording, available for download below.

Important Product Details
Underwritten by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad