Safeguard your finances to focus on your recovery

Enjoy peace of mind and receive income replacement even when you are being hospitalised.

SmartMedi Cash

SmartMedi Cash is a hospital income plan that offers daily hospitalisation cash benefit for treatment of a medical condition or accident. It acts as a source of income replacement if you are being hospitalised for eligible treatment.

It also pays on top of other health plans where you will receive cash payout on top of other payouts from your medical or health insurance plans.

Key benefits explained
  • Double cash payout for overseas hospitalization

    For treatment of medical condition caused by an accident outside Malaysia

  • Triple cash payout for Inconvenience Cash benefit

    Receive additional cash for staying as an inpatient in a hospital for 5 consecutive days for treatment of a medical condition.

  • 5% No Claim Discount (NCD)

    Enjoy 5% NCD upon renewal if no claim is made on your policy.

  • Accidental Death Benefit

    We will pay RM2,000 if during the period of insurance, you sustain bodily injury caused by an accident resulting directly and independently of any other cause within one year in death.

  • Prosthesis Allowance

    We will pay up to RM1,000 for the actual cost of purchasing wheelchair, artificial arm or leg and crutches if the medical equipment is recommended by your attending specialist, physician or surgeon to assist your mobility.

  • Simple Enrolment

    Only 1 simple health declaration needed.

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What we do not cover :

1.  Hospitalisation primarily for investigatory purpose

2. Investigations and treatment of infertility or impotence

3. Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and any medical condition which arises in any way from HIV infection

4. Treatment which is caused by self-inflicted injury or an attempt at suicide

5. Treatment of injuries sustained from professional sports or dangerous activities such as cliff diving, mountaineering and so on

For the full list of Benefits and Exclusions, kindly refer to our Policy Wording, available for download below.

Important product details
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