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20% Cash Advance Payment within 5 Working Days

Different businesses are exposed to different types of risks. Getting expert advice and consultation and go a long way in protecting your business.

Get the best protection that fits your specific business needs, with 20% cash advance payment in 5 working days in the event of claims to help you get back to business faster.

AXA SmartBusiness Plan Key benefits explained:

20% cash advance payment within 5 working days

AXA SME Insurance helps you get back to business faster with 20% cash advance payment within 5 working days

Protects assets or stocks lost due to theft

Protects your assets or stocks against loss due to theft

Employee Personal Accident benefits

Covers your employees with Personal Accident benefits including medical expenses and daily hospitalisation cash

Covers against third party legal liability

Covers you against legal liability for third party bodily injury or property damage occuring within your business premises

Protection against top 8 major critical illnesses

Protect yourself, your family and employees against the top 8 most claimed major critical illnesses

Important Product Details