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AXA Travel Online

Isn't it frustrating when your flights get delayed? Or when your luggage gets lost in transit? SmartTraveller has you covered for any unfortunate events on your overseas trips, including accidents or illnesses while you are travelling.

Key benefits explained
  • High medical coverage when overseas

    Pays for your medical and hospital expenses incurred overseas due to accident or illness during your travels up to RM300,000

  • Get compensated for travel inconveniences

    Pays for loss or damage to your personal items up to RM500 per item, as well as travel and baggage delays

  • Trip cancellation

    Buy travel insurance at least 14 days before your trip, and we will compensate you for irrecoverable travel and accommodation expenses as a result of trip cancellation due to serious injury or illness to you or your immediate family.

  • Easy and hassle-free claim submission 24/7 anytime, anywhere

    Seamless claim submission experience via AXA Travel Insurance Online Claim with 9 in 10 of our travel insurance customers claimed that it was very easy to submit travel claims with AXA [2].

  • Emergency medical evacuation

    Unlimited coverage for emergency transportation and medical care to the nearest hospital

  • Single trip and annual unlimited trips available

    Get protection for a single trip or save more with an annual plan that covers unlimited number of trips in a year

  • Instant coverage

    Get your travel insurance online 24/7 before departure

  • New cover for entertainment tickets

    We now cover loss of use for entertainment tickets if you are hospitalized or due to inclement weather conditions!

  • New add-ons cover

    Get protected in the event of flight cancellation and rescheduling or cruise protection by topping up a reasonable amount of premium!

  • Leisure Scuba Diving and Leisure Winter Sports

    Stay protected with our travel insurance as we now offer complimentary extension for scuba diving and winter sports!

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What we do not cover

1. Any existing medical conditions or those which occurred before the policy

2. Any treatment related to pregnancy

3. Travels against medical advice, or for the purpose of obtaining treatment

4. Any form of outbreak or a series of a contagious disease including, but not limited to, any form of Coronavirus

For the full list of Benefits and Exclusions, kindly refer to our Policy Wordings, available for download below.


[1] Out of 125 AXA travel insurance customers surveyed in Malaysia between Jan to Jun 2020.

[2] Out of 152 AXA travel insurance customers who’ve made a claim recently, survey conducted in Malaysia between Jan to Jun 2020

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