High protection for your loved ones

A short-term commitment that protects your family for generations to come.

Wealth Protect Prime 2

As we grow older, we have family and obligations to take care of. These responsibilities are threatened by unexpected events and if it happens, our loved ones are left behind with no assurance. Hence, we need an assurance that will protect our family and leave them with a legacy.

Wealth Protect Prime 2 is a regular premium payment Investment-Linked insurance plan with 30 years coverage term which provides high coverage with short premium payment term to help you plan financial protection for your family.

Key benefits explained
  • High coverage for 30 years term

    In the event of death, receive minimum sum insured of RM500,000.

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage up until age 70

    TPD coverage up to 70 years old, with a maximum payout amount of RM4mil per life.

  • Terminal illness coverage

    Terminal illness coverage for 30 years term, with minimum sum insured of RM500,000.

  • Additional protection against accidents

    Additional payout* up to 400% sum insured for accidental deaths or TPD. If Death or TPD (before age 70) occurs due to accidental causes, the following will be payable in addition to the Death or TPD benefit respectively:
    1. Accidental Death or TPD: 100% of sum insured
    2. Accidental Death in or on Public Conveyance of Land Transportation: 200% of sum insured
    3. Accidental Death in or on Public Conveyance of Water or Air Transportation: 300% of sum insured
    4. Accidental Death in or on Public Conveyance during Public Holiday: 400% of sum insured

    *The amount payable shall be the highest of any one of the benefits shown above.

  • Maturity benefit

    Receive lump sum payment equivalent to Account Value (if any) upon policy maturity.

  • Short premium payment term

    Choose from 5, 10, 15 or 20 years premium payment term.

  • Flexibility of 4 Funds selection

    No fund switching fees, and unlimited fund switching allowed.

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What we do not cover?

1. Death by suicide within 12 months from the Issued Date.
2. Pre-existing diseases, illnesses, injuries and/or disabilities.

For the full list of exclusions, kindly refer to our brochure, available for download below.

This product is not for you if...

You are below 15 days old and above 70 years old.

Important Product Details
Underwritten by AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad